About us

We are an online training center specializing in the provision of courses relating to:

  • movement sciences
  • the methodology of fitness
  • functional re-education
  • posturology
  • human biomechanics
  • the Pilates method and its applications
  • sports nutrition
  • sports psychology
  • sports management

Physioskills mission is to provide high quality training at competitive prices, in order to achieve full customer satisfaction. Consequently, the team periodically updates all the programs available on its portals.

Our courses are recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) through the National ASI, a sports promotion body recognized by Coni.

Physioskills is registered with the National ASI with:

Affiliate Certificate
Certificate of belonging to the SIAE (Italian Society of Authors Publishers)
Liability certificate

  • The National ASI is approved by:
    • CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee)
    • SNaQ (National Qualification System for Coni Sports Operators) – The SNaQ is the general reference framework adopted by CONI for obtaining the qualifications of sports operators and for their certification.
    • Ministry of Labor and Social Policies
    • Ministry of the Interior
    • Paralympic Committee

Inside the Physioskills site there is the “DIGITAL GYM”, an entirely structured educational environment with practical lessons, like a gym that everyone can follow from home or wherever they have the time to devote themselves to physical exercise, also useful for new trainers who they want to see practical and freely organized versions of the courses they have taken online on this platform.

For more information write or call:

e-mail: postmaster@physioskills.it
Phone: +39.331.3773695
or fill out the contact form on the contact page https://www.physioskills.it/scrivici
For groups (of at least 4 people) also interested in face-to-face training, at their headquarters, write or call:

e-mail: postmaster@physioskills.it
Phone: +39.331.3773695
or fill out the contact form on the page https://www.physioskills.it/scrivici/

Physioskills Associazione Sportiva dilettantistica – Asd Physioskills – codice fiscale 96451590580

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